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No worries

A special part of Safe BV is the Sales & Advice department. Thanks to our extensive experience with importing and exporting high quality products, we are well informed on supply and demand. Moreover we know how to guide our products swiftly through customs clearance. After all importing and exporting products isn’t a piece of cake.

Make it Easy, Play it Safe

Just like us you of course want nothing but the best for your customers. Appreciated quality products which are offered with diligence and attention. Moreover you’d like to reserve sufficient time to give your customers the personal attention they deserve. Don’t hesitate to put your bet on Safe BV. We’ll release you from a lot of your preparatory work. Our knowledgeable representatives will visit you regularly to keep you up to date on market fluctuations. They inform you about new trends, new products which could be an interesting addition to your assortment, and demand-based sales.

Service is our key

Safe BV’s main goal is customer happiness. That’s why we will always go one step further to serve you. If you wish we can offer you a customised shelf plan. Moreover we could, in consultation with you, devise a marketing and promotion plan to increase your sales, tailored to your customer base. This could entail a consumer-focused approach, but also advice concerning your assortment, in order for you to meet the demands of your customers as much as possible.

From order to doorstep

We contact you weekly to take your order. The quotations we provide you with therefore are custom-tailored based on an assembly of products you like to buy. The ordered products are collected and delivered with care. You won’t have to go out to collect your products any more, enabling you to direct your time and attention entirely toward your customers. In case we don’t have a particular product you’d wish to acquire, we will put great effort in finding this product elsewhere for you. In case unexpectedly at some point some problem arises, you can rest assured that we take every complaint seriously, and that in dialogue with you we will find a suitable solution.

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