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No storage but transit

Our logistics are organised in such a way that the products you order are stored as little as possible. Our endeavour is to use our warehouse as a transit centre, rather than a storage facility. Especially with fresh products our device is: the shorter the storage, the better the quality.

Continuous optimalisation

Just as important as prevention of quality loss is reliable delivery. Safe BV therefore always aims to improve its logistical network. We’d never want to fail our customers, yet we’d never accept to compromise on quality either. You can help us by placing orders timely and by tailoring them as much as possible to your clients’ needs.

Processing of orders

Upon receipt of your order by phone, via e-mail or through our representative, we’ll get to work immediately. Our schedulers process the order, check availability of the ordered products and schedule it for distribution.

Compiling the order

Your order will be compiled early in the morning. During the compilation our employees check once more whether the products meet our premium quality demands. As soon as the order is compiled and meets our quality demands, it is, based on the following-order of deliveries, lined up for transport.

Preparation for transport

Early in the morning, shortly after compiling and lining up the order for transport, it is put in the truck and leaves. To increase efficiency, the route is determined day by day. This prevents both loss of time, as well as unnecessary pollution and occupancy of the road.

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