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The Netherlands is multicultural, including its foodstuffs

The Netherlands is a beautiful multicultural country, but we could still do so much more. Safe BV has taken upon itself the task to enrich the Dutch market with a range of very delicious exotic foodstuffs and beverages. Therefore we import a considerable assortment with many beautiful, high quality products from the Caribbean, South America and Africa, but also particular local products from Europe and Asia.

Why do we import more and more?

Increasingly, inhabitants of the Netherlands have foreign ancestors. Simultaneously your indigenous customers travel more and more. Through these new connections and foreign journeys people discover new ideas and flavours. Ideas and flavours people like to continue to enjoy, or even expand. Hence demand for exotic and foreign products exploded over the past decade. Safe BV offers you to meet this demand by importing popular products of high quality.

Extensive product range

To serve you and your customers anything you long for Safe BV has compiled an extensive assortment of indigenous and foreign products. As of today we offer over 2000 high quality products, with new products being added every other day. We continuously study the market, to ensure that we keep up with your and your customers’ wishes, as to serve you what you long for. We’d like to take it one step further though. For a number of promising products we ourselves will create demand. In this way we offer your customers opportunities to experience new, provocative flavours and varieties.

Always fresh!

Present-day customers not only enjoy flavours and variety, but are also concerned about their health. That’s why we at Safe BV ensure that our fresh products indeed are fresh. We receive our fresh vegetables and fruits twice a week straight from Surinam and the Caribbean. We don’t want to lose any vitamins, minerals or anti-oxidants due to long storage or transport. Healthy as can be!

Exotic refreshment

What is more enjoyable than daydreaming about a hot sandy beach with a delicious drink in your hand? Even in our cold and rainy country a delicious exotic drink will make people feel the summer heat. For these moments Safe BV offers a wide range of exotic soft drinks, straight from the Caribbean. We love to bring the tropics to your doorstep.

YASH, frozen freshness

Our hectic society sometimes does not leave us time to prepare a proper meal. However, that shouldn’t come at a cost of flavour and health. For occasions on which your customers lack time Safe BV offers YASH, its own brand of deep frozen products. These are extremely fresh products from Asia, deeply frozen, as to ensure that flavour and nutrition are kept to the fullest, in order for your customers to prepare a delicious and decent meal in a wink.

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