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At your service

Safe BV does not only focus on offering products. We also provide all services associated with our core business, simply to ascertain that our quality products are appropriately taken care of right from the producer up to your doorstep. Particularly during this phase many things could occur which could have a negative influence on the quality and freshness. By taking this responsibility upon ourselves we’re enabled to ensure optimal products and handling.

All over the World

We import and export premium quality products from and to the whole world. Our primary focus however is Surinam and the Caribbean. In these regions we have a closely knit network of suppliers, as well as robust delivery and transport lines. As a result we’re able to offer the best products at a low cost.


If we are to serve you most effectively, fast-paced and knowledgeable transport is a must. For that reason our logistics department is entirely dedicated to preventing quality loss. We reach our goal by focusing on transit, while minimising storage, because especially in the case of fresh produce storage causes quality loss. Nevertheless we always keep an eye on the reliability of our deliveries; we will never fail to deliver.


If Customs regulations are not adhered to a lot of time can be wasted during international shipments of products and commodities. Safe BV has established its own Custom Facilities department, which is specialised in ensuring a quick process during international shipments. This ensures that products continue their journey swiftly, without quality loss.

Keeping control

Just like you, we at Safe BV do not enjoy unexpected disappointments. Throughout the process quality checks are done, right from the producer up to your doorstep. As your order is being compiled a last extensive quality check will take place, as to ensure that you receive what we promised you: the highest quality for the best price.