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Vegetables and fruits


Grown by keeping it fresh

With pride we can say that we are one of the biggest importers of Surinamese vegetables and fruits in the Netherlands. We’ve made a lot of effort to reach that stage, and are adamant to continue growing. We receive our vegetables and fruits fresh as can be from Surinam and the Caribbean twice a week. This ensures that you always get your products as fresh as possible.

Quality counts

When the vegetables and fruits arrive, we diligently check their quality. Thereafter we distribute them as quickly as possible. Many of the vegetables we import find their way to Surinamese and Tropically oriented restaurants and cafeterias enriching the Netherlands. Furthermore market vendors, grocery stores and even established supermarket chains appreciate Safe BV’s quality products.

Madame Jeanette’s yardlong beans

Freshness and quality are but two important aspects of our success. The third is our broad variety of products. We at Safe BV are certain you’ll agree with us. Just to mention a few: all your dreams about yardlong beans, sopropo, antoewa, okra, tayer leaves, madame jeanette, cassava and sweet potatoes will be fulfilled by Safe BV. It would take too long to write all varieties down.

Just take a look at our list of products to get an impression of our extensive assortment of quality products.