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Safe BV offers a wide range of quality products from all corners of the world. For your convenience we have subdivided our assortment into several product categories. Given that our assortment already consists of over 2000 products, we trust we are able to fulfil your wishes. Nevertheless it may occur that you miss one or more products in our assortment. We invite you to inform us, in order for us to assess together with you whether we can add the product you long for to our assortment.

Freshly frozen alcoholic soft drinks for spicy meat and fish seasoning

Wouldn’t that be a stunning product? Unfortunately we don’t have it. Though we can provide you with all separate components, which you can find in the following product categories:

Tropical surprise

A large share of our assortment is focused on delicious products from Surinam and the Caribbean. These cuisines, especially the Surinamese one, mix many flavours together and deserve to play a bigger role in the Dutch cuisine. Luckily that’s exactly what’s happening. The high quality and tasteful products from those areas become more and more common in our country. That shows that it’s time to alter the ancient Dutch proverb: ‘what the farmer doesn’t know, he likes to familiarise with’.

a full listing of our products can be downloaded as pdf here