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South American Food Express BV (SAFE) is a customer-centred wholesaler and distributor, which both imports and exports high quality products. We are specialised in exotic South American, African and Caribbean products, but offer beautiful and honest local products from Europe and Asia too.

By now we have gathered a diverse assortment comprising over 2000 quality products, which expands continuously. Our products reach consumers through several marketing channels, including leading supermarket chains, exotic stores, ethnic supermarkets, evening shops, sandwich shops and restaurants, as well as second-line wholesalers. We do not sell to individuals.

Taste the tropics

These three words convey the essence of what we as Safe BV stand for. The Netherlands is a splendid multicultural society, but unfortunately in a culinary sense not yet fully developed. Our company wants to enrich the Dutch food market with a range of exceptionally exotic foodstuffs and drinks. We are proud of our extensive assortment with many marvellous high quality products from the Caribbean, South America and Africa, as well as local products from Europe and Asia.

Your customers travel more and more often to destinations where they experience new flavours and get inspired. Back in the Netherlands they often want to continue enjoying these flavours, and if possible even diversify them. Over the past decade the demand for exotic and foreign products has exploded. Safe BV makes it possible to meet and increase this demand by establishing a customer-centred organisation, robust distribution networks and branches in different parts of the world.


Of course you’d like to fulfil your customers’ wishes and offer them high quality products. Safe BV is ready to serve as your backbone. We offer continuity in quality and quantity and look forward to cooperate with well-founded, stable, reliable and customer-centred businesses.

Our organisation is always looking for interesting products and flavours, which we tailor to market-demand as well as to your specific insights. For several new and promising products we won’t just cooperate with you to meet demand, but rather to create it. This enables both your company and Safe BV to offer your customers opportunities to experience new, interesting flavours and varieties.


Following this strategy we have already successfully introduced several new products on the Dutch market. Bearing our trade name YASH®, there are currently several high quality and particularly delicious products available, including:

  • Yash® cassava chunks (frozen)
  • Yash® pre-boiled cassava chunks (frozen)
  • Yash® grated cassava (frozen)
  • Yash® grated coco (frozen)
  • Yash® Banana crisps
  • Yash® Cassava crisps

We hope you will join our efforts to enrich the Dutch cuisine and to treat our taste buds to a true multicultural feast.

Let’s taste the tropics!

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